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To help find your way around quickly, we present this page as sort of a site map.  This Site Overview page briefly walks you though the various buttons that run down the left of all our pages that follow, and shows you where each goes.
We hope this helps you find what you are looking for quickly.  If you have any problems, just give us a call.
Are you an operator, looking for work?  Maybe you are interested in becoming a branch owner as a Franchisee or Affiliate?
If this is your first time to visit our site, welcome!
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OnDemand offers 3 main services - all highlighted in blue buttons here.  The first is our signature service - a by-the-hour excavation service, where a bobcat or mini-excavator is provided on a rental-type basis with the operator included.
A number of our branches also offer a rental service, featuring mostly bobcats and mini-excavators, without the operator.
We also offer post hole drilling service for decks and fences at a very competitve, low price
Try this link for help in deciding what machinery to order, even before you call us.  Tutorials, videos, other helpful info here
A full listing of most everything in our system (constantly changing, visit often) with pictures and specifications
Price lists for our various services
Do we service your area currently?  Where are our branches?  See our constantly expanding service territory.
Information you definitely need to be aware of before your service so all goes smoothly
Remember - "Call Before You Dig"?  That's your responsibility!  Please READ this!
Call in to book your service, or click here if you prefer to do it online.
The info about our organization from this site, all gathered in one place, plus some addtional details, like Why we're so great!
For all other inquiries not covered elsewhere (suppliers, accounting, etc), contact us through other emails/contact info here
For staff's internal-use only.  Franchise and Affiliate members log-in here.
This takes you to our 'What's New' page, highlighting news about us, any current specials, and featured/new equipment
Legal disclaimer: This site has been created with utmost care as to accuracy of statement and information, and we attempt to keep it up to date regularly, however it should be viewed only as a guide in assisting prospective customers in making their own decisions in al matters pertaining to the services offered and services ordered and work to be done on their project.  In any case of conflict between what is listed here in terms of pricing, for instance, and with rates cited by dispatch or provided by your operator, the operator's information is deemed to be most up to date and hence dominant.  We appologize in advance for any inconveniences caused by any inadvertent error anywhere in this site.  We desire your experience with us to be only positive.