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Bobcat Service
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skidsteer or mini-excavator
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Machine Rentals
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skidsteer or mini-excavator
Post HoleService
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We offer 3 distinct services:
  •  Excavation (or bobcat) Service, where the machine is provided with an operator to run it for you; with rates charged by the hour. Skidsteers (commonly called bobcats), track loaders and mini-excavators are available plus many specialty attachments.
  •  Rental services, where many of the same machines are available on a rental basis, without the operator.  We rent other related tools such as dirt conveyors and compaction equipment.
  •  Post Hole augering service, specifically for fences and decks.  Offered at a very competitive, flat rate price.  $5 per hole plus a $250 service call charge, and no other fees.
Conveyor Rentals
Plate Tampers & Jumping Jacks
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If you aren't really sure of what machinery you should be looking at in order to get your job done, look around in the very helpful Tasks section, below right, which allows you to explore many jobsite needs by topic and has a lot of helpful tips for ordering your equipment and planning out your job. 
Equipment Information
Pictures and Specifications
Rip up an asphalt driveway
Digging a new pool
Filling in a pool
Making an interlocking patio
waterproofing a leaky basement
installing bollards
trenching inside a new warehouse for plumbing
Laying new sod!
putting on an addition
planting trees
installing a new water line & sewer hook-up
Demolition - tearing down an old garage
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