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Welcome to the OnDemand Services
Group of Companies!
Our Size
Our much larger size than any of our competitors in the markets we serve allows us to not only keep our costs lower due to efficiencies we realize due to volume and such, but it also allows us to provide the customer with many things that a smaller, one-man type company just can't.

- We're Dedicated:   This is all we do.  Most others that offer a "bobcat service" are landscapers (or some other type of contractor) who happen to have a machine or 2, and when they aren't busy with work with it on one of their contracted jobs or projects, they might be able to come over and give you a hand with yours, maybe.  That's not how we work - this is all we do.  Dedicated; you call and we come.  When you need us - it's all about your project to us.

- Many Locations:  We have many branches, unlike most of our competitors who are a one-location company.. So that benefits you in that we cover not only a large area (wherever you have work, we have machines and operators near by), but also the fact that we are coming from equipment yards located conviently close to your jobsite, wherever it happens to be in the GTA/Southern Ontario.  That translates for you quicker response times, lower float fees.

- Quick Response times:  We have many operators - again, unlike the one-man or smaller companies, we have the size to get to almost anyone anytime in our service area, within a day or two.  When you call on a Tuesday wanting to book us for Thursday, you can pretty well always count on being able to, it's almost always a sure thing (that said, wise you should always book as far in advance as you possibly can).

- Unparallelled Range of Equipment:  We have a great range of equipment.  Unlike the one or two machines found elsewhere, our yards are full of equipment - of nearly every imaginable size.  We have literally dozens and dozens of loaders and mini-excavators. That pays off for you in so many ways, including quick response, back-up machines in case of a breakdown, the particular size and model that you need for a specific task - we're very likley not only to stock it, but also to have one available when you need it.  We stock an amazing arrray of attachments too - from the typical (augers, concrete breakers,etc), to the unique (Harley Rakes, Tilt-tach, concrete delivery buckets, etc), such a range that many local dealers don't even stock as many types.
The Prep Services
There are some customer-service things that we do which help to make your experience using us that much smoother and more positive - all before we ever get to your jobsite.

- Customer Support: Dispatchers  You are a busy person.  You have a project to do, maybe several jobsites on the go at once.  You have deadlines to meet, and a million things to take care of.  You need answers now, you need immediate solutions.  What you don't need is to call your excavtor and get his voicemail and not hear back from him until the evening, and then that he won't be able to get to you for at least a week or more.  Our disptachers answer live from about 6 AM until 9  PM daily, and monitor the lines 24/7 every day of the year for a quick call back.  Dispatch has all the information they need in front of them - machine specs, rates and prices and availabiilty for your new booking so they can add you to the schedule and you can rest assured that your operator and equipment will arrive on time as planned.

-  Advice and Planning Assistance:   Even if you are an experienced general contractor you may have questions about equipment or would like some advice based on our experience as to how it may be best to approach a particular project on your site, so we have options and resources at your disposal to help with this. These range from the Tasks & Tips section here on this website, which is constantly growing, receiving new additions of how-to pages, charts and lists, videos and photos of equipment at work (especially the specialized attachments), to the ability of chatting on the phone with a technical advisor (an experienced machine operator), to a free site visit, if that is seen as advisable.

- Day-before Call:   Your assigned operator will make contact with you the day before just to introduce himself to you and exchange numbers, confirm what you have booked equipment-wise, and sort out any last minute details (like parking isssues, who he is meeting on the jobsite, and what time, etc), and discuss what is to happen in the event it is raining the next morning, and so on.  We find that this helps to smooth out any potential kinks before they ever happen, and will go a long way to relax you that everything is under control.

- Operators who maintain regular contact:   En route the morning of the booking, your operator will send you a quick update text or two along the way to advise you of his progress (with traffic and all) and his approximate time of arrival, so you can make any necessary plans around us.  You won't be left wondering and worrying about when we'll be there.
The On-Site Experience
This is where the "rubber meets the road" as the expression goes, where all the prepatory work, all the organization and efforts toward professionalism and excellence pay off.

- We'll be there:   We pledge to be at your jobsite on time, and on the day you were booked for.  Rarely do we let anything within our control happen to prevent us from keeping our word - so you can count on the work going ahead as planned.  If there is a problem or delay that's unavoidable and beyond our control, we'll let you know well in advance, as soon as we know.  We're big enough that with extra machines and many operators, rarely do we have to reschedule, and we try to never disappoint!  Book your service and build your week around us - count on it!

- The operator is truly an expert:  As a prerequesite to joining our organization at any branch and at nearly any level, we require our operators to come to us as not just experienced machine operators already, but as experts, "top guns" of the bobcat/skid-steer and mini-excavator business.  That takes many years and thousands of hours in a machine to achieve!  When you have one of our people on your site, know that what they do for you in the machine is as good as anybody anywhere could do.

- You'll like the operator:  As much as an operator might be a good man on the machine, but if you can't communicate with him well and make your wishes known and understood (due to language barriers, a lack of good communication skills or attitude issues) then all the expertise on the controls will be mostly wasted.  The good new is that we are very selective on who is approved to join our organization - they have to have these various qualities in a large measure.

- You'll save money:  In the end, the final key is to get done what you need to and still be on budget, or even better, to have done so and saved money.  We are committed to doing that - and we really mean it! We want to offer you a good solution to your machine and excavating needs, and while covering our costs sufficiently to be a viable operation ourselves, if we can do so and save you money over your other options, then we will have accomplished our goals: if you can use us and do what you need done and frequently and consistently save money, you'll be happy and have us back time and again.