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from our Bobcat Services division:

A new skidsteer loader category -
the 4-foot wide rubber-tracked loader
With the addition of the ASV RC30, we now have tracked skid steer loaders in all width categories from 4' to 6' wide

This class of machine is perfect for applications that involve tough traction situations (sandy/loose ground, slippery clay, wet topsoil, or slopes), as well as reducing damage to exisiting lawns and landscaping (tracks distribute ground pressure over a much greater area), but at the same time require a machine that needs only minimal space for access - this unit is only 48 inches wide!
from our Rentals division:

Working indoors?  Machines equipped with scrubbers are the solution.
Hooking up a Soil Conditioner attachment to one of our skidsteers or track loaders can eliminate thousands of dollars wasted in stripping of old sod, disposal, adding new topsoil, and levelling.

This is quite popular in the US, but not well known in Ontario - but what a money-saver!  Instead of spending thousands on stripping off old sod (inevitably with much of the topsoil) then having to truck or haul it away in bins, only to bring back new topsoil and pay to have that spread for the new sod to be laid in - do it all in one step with a soil conditioner.  It saves not only a lot of time and money, but it's also truly environmentally-friendly. Think of all the unnecessary trucking of dirt around that it eliminates! Nothing to truck away or bring in.
Available only from our bobcat services division, with-operator service. Click here to see a video of it in action
Available on select units, from both our bobcat services and rentals divisions
from our Bobcat Services division:

The best and cheapest way to re-sod a large lawn - the Harley Rake attachment
We are now stocking a number of machines that have exhaust purifiers (scrubbers)

If your jobsite requires low-emissions due to being indoor in an occupied building, order one of our machines that is equipped with a diesel scrubber, or otherwise known as an exhaust purifier.  These specially-equipped machines have a catalytic muffer installed with greatly reduces the gases and particulate that is emitted into the air, making it safer for workers in the same environment.
Available only our bobcat services division, with-operator service.  Click here for more info.
This page was last updated: April 20, 2013
Expanding again!

Announcing our newest member - a new branch now open: West Toronto