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This is the Tasks / Help Start Page
Many customers know exactly what kind of machinery they need to order for their particular project.  If so, great, click here to go right to bookings to order your service.  If you'd like to browse through the range of equipment we have to offer first, click here.  And if you are among those who know what they want to do but aren't quite sure what machinery they need, this page is for you!  Just click one of the following boxes to get started.
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Click here if you want to search for help based on your industry, what you do.
Such as, if you are a:
Custom Home Builder
and so on, click here
Click here if you want to search for help based on what task you are trying to do.
Such as, if your project involves:
Building an addition
Filling in a pool
Building a deck
Demolishing a garage
Replacing a driveway with pavers
Stripping an old lawn & resodding
Installing a sign
and so on, click here
Need more help?
We've tried to provide you a lot of information here on this site, to allow you to work through your problem and figure out what you need, yourself.
•  Browse through our Equipment section, seeing what we have to offer you.  (We have a pretty big selection, the biggest by far of anyone in compact equipment)
•  This Tasks/Help section is great too - with suggestions, tips and videos.  Make sure you give it a good look over - it should be able to show you what you need.
•  Other sections that should be of interest to you in planning out your project include Featured, Policies, and Utility Locates.
But if you've looked through all this and still need more help, you have other options:
  •  Send us an email with your needs.  Better yet, when you do so, attach a few digital photos of your jobsite, including especially pictures of the access points (so we can make sure we can get the machinery into the work area), and also include your jobsite address so we can look at it on Google Streetview, at least giving us a rough idea of what your property looks like.  We'll get back to you either by email or phone (so include your number) with our thoughts.
  •  Or call dispatch with your questions - they can be a big help.  And if they don't know something, they'll find out for you, or will put you in touch with an experienced machine operator who you can talk over the phone to about your issue.
  •  A final option may be a site visit.  In most cases those are not necessary (in fact, on average, only about 1 site in every 300 bookings is it truly beneficial for us to visit), so we don't do visits very often (we certainly try not to!); and such visits can considerably slow down the process of getting out to your site with the machinery to do the actual work (frequently that is the case).  But if the need truly exists, we will arrange to meet you there at your site, where our purpose will be to offer you our opinion on machinery selection, and similar advice.  We will not, however, give you a firm/contract price or even a definite time-estimate.  (For more on this, see our policy point related to site visits.)
Click here if you to look at all our basic services listed on a singe page.
Such as, if your project involves:
Loading bins / trucks
Concrete breaking
Stripping sod
and so on, click here