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Acceptable forms of
Bobcat Service
Machine-with-Operator Excavation Service
Acceptable methods of payment:
Applies to all 3 service divisions and to all customers - contractors and non-contractors

All branches accept the following:
Cash* (plus HST & receipt provided)
Company cheque*
Personal cheque*

Some branches are set up to also accept:
Inquire of your operator when he calls you the day before
Debit cards*
Email money transfer payment* (to be done while he is still on-site)
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)

For Contractors Only:
Some larger contractors may also have access to one of the following additional payment options:
these must be set up with us in advance
Pre-authorized/Automatic payment on credit card
Billing on Account (our 7-day deferred-COD)

Off-site payment options for contractors:
Issue: If the owner (or those with signing authority) for our customer (the customer being a contracting company) can't make it back to the jobsite at end of day or when our operator is ready to leave / needing payment, what options are there to take care of the payment so it is made on time and doesn't hold up our operator?  Preplan one of these suggestions:

1. Give your foreman/super/lead person on site the cash or a pre-signed cheque in advance, in the morning so he can take care of the bill. (The operator will call you and go over the bill with you over the phone before the payment is actually made so you know how much you are paying, what you are being billed for)
2. Have an Account set up with us (that is required to be done in advance, well before the booking, takes a couple days to process.  It is net-7: allows for up to 7 days from bill date for payment/cheque to reach us)
3. Set up a pre-authorized credit card payment arrangement.  (This is set up in advance also - requires a simple form filled in and an imprint of your credit card.)
4. In a pinch, call in a credit card payment over the phone - while the operator is still on site (Not all branches take credit cards though, remember).
5. Pay by emailing money transfer - do so remotely, but make sure it is done before our operator has to leave site
6. Make another arrangement to meet the operator somewhere later in the day to bring him payment - remember though he is under no obligation to agree to such an arragnement - and make sure that it is you coming to him, please don't inconvenience him because of your oversight.

*Please note: Payment forms above noted with an asterisk (*) qualify for the discounted float fee rates; the others will be charged regular-rate float fees (other conditions also apply and must be met to get the discounted float fee rates - click here for more info)
Bobcat Service Division
with-operator rentals, excavation services
Post Hole Service
for fences and decks
Equipment Rentals
just the machine, without operator
Bobcat Service Division
with-operator rentals, excavation services
Post Hole Service
for fences and decks
Equipment Rentals
just the machine, without operator
When is payment due?
The answer to that question depends on the service division being hired:
Payment for with-operator excavation service (bobcat svc) is COD on-site upon presentment of bill by operator.
For a half-day or one-day booking, that is typically done at the end of his stay, just before he leaves your site to float away the equipment that day.
For bookings that extend over a number of days, the operator is entitled to prepare and present bills periodically (which are then due at that point, upon presentation) to keep the payment for services up to date, avoiding a bill that gets too large.  The frequency of such bills is entirely up to him - but he will advise you in advance of the next bill point.  At the very least, we will always settle up at the end of the week, at the latest - on a Friday afternoon normally.
Other details about payment forms and contractor options are covered thoroughly above.
Payment is always paid in advance for rentals.
Upon delivery of the machinery a credit card imprint is made (for security/
identification purposes), and a cash deposit is make to cover charges to cover the estimated rental period requested, plus pick-up/delivery and a tank of fuel on deposit, plus tax. 
Any over-payment is refunded on pick-up. 
If the rental period needs to be extended, arrangements must be made to increase the money paid to continue to equal or exceed the rental fees to cover the exteneded period as well.  We can never be in a deficit-balance situation with rentals.
Post hole service is paid COD on site, same day.
Post hole service is normally a quick in-and-done in one-day service, actually only a couple hours typically.
So we collect there, always, on site in full.  Cash or cheque (to get the best rates), as noted above.