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Post Hole Service
for fences and decks
This service is meant specifically for augering fence or deck post holes.
Those holes normally measure 9 to 12 inches in diameter by up to 4-feet deep.

This Pole Hole Service has certain conditions that pertain to it in order for one to benefit by its special pricing, and is not to be confused with our normal bobcat service which can include one of many attachments, including an auger for drilling holes.  Those holes can be much larger (up to 36" diameter and up to 10 feet or more in depth), good for pier foundations, bases for signs, light standards, etc.
Pricing & Key Conditions:

Service Call……. $250 (flat fee)
Post Holes…….…$5 (each, charged per hole)

•  This service and pricing available to both contractors and non-contractors
•  Example: When drilling 5 holes through this program, it will cost only $275 ($250 + 5 X $5); versus our normal scheduled bobcat service costing between $475-550 (with all fees factored in; float, rental, hours, etc)
•  No other machine work or tasks will be done at this rate on this service visit, just strictly the hole drilling.  If you have other work to be done (grading, for instance), it may be better to book a normal bobcat service call and have the additional attachment of the auger brought along on for a small extra rental fee
•  You need to be flexible in timing; this is not a scheduled service, but is more like our Standby service – we will advise you when we can come, normally giving you a day or two's advance call
•  Specify machine size (measure your tightest access point) – we have machines nominally 3, 4 and 5-feet wide
•  Specify auger bit size – 6”, 9” or 12” diameter, by 4-feet long (hole depth)
•  You must have your utility locates done – always, NON-OPTIONAL!
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A cost-effective service, open to both contractors and homeowners/DIY-ers.  Specifically for drilling holes for fences and decks.
Only $5 per hole
plus service call fee