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Primary Service Policies
These policies are specific to the services of this division
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Bobcat Service Division
with-operator rentals, excavation services
OnDemand’s Bobcat Service
Understanding the Concept of our Company and the Services We Provide, Specifically the Bobcat Service

Quite likely you understand clearly what we are all about, but just in case you missed one, we’ll review them for you quickly here; they are quite important, and we’ll point out in each case as to why that is so.  Some of these points are held in common with some of our other services, but these do in particular directly apply to our with-operator bobcat or excavtion service.  The following are not necessarily listed in order of importance.

1.Hourly-based service: The fact that we charge on an hourly basis not only explains how we will charge you for our services, but more importantly it makes very clear the manner in which we provide you those services: that we are strictly an open-ended, time-billing based service which is significantly different from a company that contracts its work and takes on a whole host of additional responsibilities in the process.  We do not.

2.Independently-owned branches:   OnDemand is an organization, not a singular company.  It is a group of independent business owners that operate a number of branches under the OnDemand branding with many similarities in pricing, service offerings and policies.  Each member is an owner and as such is fully responsible for its own actions and consequences and for maintaining our reputation as a group.  Each branch and its ownership (many of whom are its machine operators as well) therefore has a vested interest in providing the highest quality service and pleasing the customer. 

3.COD on site:  Charges for all our services are always due and payable on the jobsite.  The operator will prepare and present a bill there on site for you and collect from you before leaving.  Please be prepared by coming to your site with method of payment in hand (chequebook, for instance).  All customers, all services, all invoices, are by default COD (Cash On Delivery – ie payment there on the spot: cheque, cash, etc).  Some exceptions may exist, but must be pre-arranged well in advance.  Our stance on strict collection on site by the operator upon presentment of the bill, and before the removal of any of the equipment is an inflexible policy.  There are advantages to you too for this policy – click here.

4.Utility locates:  As with all other matters of planning, safety and legal requirements on a jobsite, the obtaining in advance all necessary utility locates is up to you - the contractor and/or property owner.  We are not contractors, we are service suppliers, working directly for and under you.  This is one of your responsibilities; we will never call in for them on your behalf.  Besides, remember too, that frequently people call on us for our services very last minute - same day, the day before, 2 days before, etc, and in most cases a locate to be completed needs to be called in about a week (or more) beforehand.  The fines and potential liability risks are too high, and we make far too little to take on those risks - so we won't dig without the located being done and the paperwork on hand for us.  If they are needed (and in many cases they are) and our operator shows up and you don't have them, he may not dig if he considers the risk too great (it is solely his call), but you will still be billed for and pay then the minimum charges as applicable for his service call.  Plan ahead!  Always call before you dig!  Click here for more important details - please for your sake, read.
5.Operator's Day-before call: – There are 4 more details that could be touched on before we arrive for your service, ideally.  Those things are best handled just beforehand and between you and your assigned machine operator.   Therefore, it’s our practice to have your operator call you typically the day before (whenever he possibly can), to go over these last few things briefly.  He’ll touch on the following main points:
  1.   Discuss and agree on a target arrival time
  2.   In the event that it is raining early the next morning, what is to be done?  That’s why it’s a good thing that he calls you the day before, so you can exchange phone numbers in the event you need to call him off early the next morning due to rain, you can call him directly, and agree at what time (at the latest) that can be done
  3.   Some relevant additional site details, such as who the operator will be are we meeting on site first thing (you/the owner, another site contact, like a site supervisor) and phone number; parking issues, etc.  He might just double check with you on the equipment you have ordered, and also remind you not to forget to bring along your utility locates and chequebook.
  4.  Float fees are always based on the branch servicing you and its proximity to your jobsite, so while it is likely that when you booked dispatch was unable to at that time give you a firm price for your float fee, now your assigned machine operator will be able to do that.
In most cases at the time when you called in and booked our service it was still too early for the dispatcher to say with absolute certainty who your operator would be (why is that?), but by the day before that will has usually been established.  So, it is encouraged that the operator put a quick call in to you to introduce himself and cover some of the above points.   This is not a promise that he will do so every time, but he will more often than not do so if he is able to.
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Additionally, we have some secondary policy points that govern our Bobcat Service, which you may do well to become familiar with, such as how we count our billed time, what limitations there are on our liablity for site issues or potential damages, and so on.  Click here for those secondary policies, or the yellow button to the right.