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Primary Service Policies - Expanded Details:

3. C.O.D. - all bills due in full on site
Bobcat Service Division
with-operator rentals, excavation services
Charges for all our services are always due and payable on the jobsite.  The operator will prepare and present a bill there on site for you and collect from you before leaving.  Please be prepared by coming to your site with method of payment in hand (chequebook, for instance).  All customers, all services, all invoices, are by default COD (Cash On Delivery – ie payment there on the spot: cheque, cash, debit/credit, etc – not all branches accept all forms, so check in advance, especially regarding credit and debit card payments), unless you have something very specifically arranged and approved well ahead of time with us (as an organization) or with the operator/branch serving you on that occasion (for example, if you ask a few days ahead of time, he may be willing to service you on the agreement that you give him a cheque postdated by 2 days, perhaps – but that would be an unusual exception and up to him to decide solely). 
We have a program in place that some of our larger corporate customers qualify for participation in, and that is to make the logistics of paying COD on site more practical.  For ease of payment for them, they have an “Account” with us; in advance they have filled out a form and if qualified, have been granted a deferred-COD account status, which basically gives them 7 days to prepare a cheque payment and get it to the servicing branch by mail or courier.  (Click here for more information on that option.).
Otherwise, our stance on strict collection on site by the operator upon presentment of the bill, and before the removal of any of the equipment is an inflexible policy.  There are advantages to you too for this policy: for one, by collecting 100% of our bills 100% of the time (and we do, always) and by not having a large amount of our money out in receivables, we are able to keep our costs down and hence continue to offer our prices at the remarkably low level we do, for the high value of service we offer (dispatch, multiple branches, tons of machinery – all unheard of in our specific industry).  Two more advantages to your paying right there on the spot – there is no disputing a bill that arrives 3 weeks later, everything is fresh in everyone’s mind, no relying on fading memories of the day, and if there are any issues to be taken into consideration they are dealt with right there on the spot.  This keeps for good business relations, allows us to remain on friendly terms with well over 99.9% of our customers. (That 99.9% is an actual, real number – we only won’t service again less than 10 companies after over 2 decades in business and over 1500 contractors that we count as our regular customers!  This policy, among some of our other initiatives, certainly helps to keep it that way.)  A third benefit to you to paying on site: no bills that sneak by you and that you forget about at the end of the job or late in the project that you have to come up with funds to cover.  (Just like the teenager shopping at a mall, is a lot less likely to get in trouble paying cash than running up a credit card.)   It’s a small thing, but we have had customers, particularly the smaller renovator or landscaper types who do their own paperwork (and are perennially behind in it) have actually expressed appreciation for this policy of ours.
Machinery does not every leave site without the bill paid in full.  Additionally, it is at the sole discretion of the operator (and/or the management of the branch he works out of) to present a bill even at any point along the project – daily if they so choose, or at any point,  partway along an assignment or project, especially if it is several days, or weeks, or even longer, at regular intervals as he wishes, and that bill is always due immediately at that moment (to be fair, he will normally give you some advance warning that it is coming, and/or normally these terms or arrangements will have been discussed at the outset or at least earlier on).   Normally, for instance, we would write up a bill and settle it on a Friday, to close out a week, at least.
COD payments can always be made in cash, cheque (preferably), and in some cases other forms of payment, such as email transfer/payment, debit, and even credit card (although paying by card will frequently lead to the loss of a cash-payment discount for you).  Note, not all branches accept all forms of payment; check beforehand with your servicing branch as to what they accept.  Click for more payment options, details.