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Primary Service Policies - Expanded Details:

1. Hourly-based service
Bobcat Service Division
with-operator rentals, excavation services
The fact that we charge on an hourly basis not only explains how we will charge you for our services, but more importantly it makes very clear the manner in which we provide you those services: that we are strictly an open-ended, time-billing based service which is significantly different from a company that contracts its work and takes on a whole host of additional responsibilities in the process.  We do not share those same kind of additional responsibilities. 
Almost everything that occurs on your site is your responsibility.  We are strictly a machine rental service combined with an operator who works for you and takes directions from you.  The project is your job, it is not our “job”. 
We have absolutely no obligations as to the end-cost of the “job” at hand – you simply use as much of our services as you choose, and pay for those that we provide to you.  You are not obligated to keep us through to the end of that work you wanted our help with nor are we obligated to stay and see it to completion.  When you hire us on, you accept those terms. 
The upside to hiring a service like ours on a basis like that is that you will almost always end up paying a significantly lower price than you would if you paid an excavation contractor on a firm contract-based price, consistently.  And because we are set up this way (with no time spent visiting jobsites first, pricing jobs, signing contracts, all that prep work, etc.) we just go from jobsite to jobsite day after day, enabling us to have great turn-around and really quick response times.  When you need us, we’re there.  We are the taxi-cab of the excavation business.  Call last minute, and we are there when you need us, and pretty cheap.  On the other hand, with excavation contractors you need to book long in advance, and you will pay more, a lot more, almost always (they are the airlines of the excavation business). 
And to be fair, the downside to your hiring an hourly service like ours is the greater responsibilities that you then have to bear – and we readily admit that.  You need to be more involved from start to finish: planning the dig, lining up your own bins or haulage needs (if applicable), ordering needed supplies (soil, gravel, if needed), checking measurements as the work progresses, and so on.  You tell us how far you want your excavated hole or trench benched back to help prevent cave-ins, etc.  If, for safety you determine that you need to put in shoring or trench boxes or other reinforcements, that will be your decision and that will be something you will undertake to do.  At the end of the day, it is you that needs to put up fencing to make sure no passing pedestrians fall in the hole, and so on.  Those are just a few examples.
That’s what it means to hire a non-contracted, time-based service.  Most would agree though, that the benefits always far outweigh the negatives.  Final point: always remember, we are hired by you to offer service on your site.  You may have a “job” in mind, but it is your “job”, not our “job”.  We work for you, we offer you our services, but we are not contracted or obligated to your “job”.  We don’t say that to worry you, like we are going to pack up and walk out halfway through the work you needed done.  No, not at all, remember we need you to be happy, we need satisfied, repeat customers like you – that’s our lifeblood. 
W mention these points for the dual purposes of not only advising you clearly whose reponsibility it is to do what (and in our case, what things are not our responsibilities), and also to help educate new customers who are not familiar with the use of a pay-as-you-go service versus the typically-structured arrangements with a contractor, because of the obvious fundamental differences in the concepts of both.  So that you can make the most of our services, you need to fully grasp the business concept, and recognize that philosophically it is quite different than hiring a contractor to do your work, understand the nuances, the differences between us and the more traditional excavating contractor.