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About Us
Three things worth knowing about us: about our origins, our current organization, and what we offer you the customer
Why hire OnDemand?  What do we have to offer that makes us stand out?
With the following we think mainly about our with-operator services in particular, but many of these points apply to all our divisions
Our Size
Our much larger size allows us to provide the customer with many things that a smaller, one-man type company just can't.

- We're Dedicated:   We don't contract landscaping, excavating or any other work .  This is all we do.

- Many Locations:  We have many branches, unlike most of our one-operator/one-machine/one-location competitors.

- Quick Response times:  We have the size to get to almost anyone anytime in our service area, within a day or two. 

- Unparallelled Range of Equipment:  We have literally dozens and dozens of loaders and mini-excavators.  And we stock an amazing arrray of attachments too - such a range that many local dealers don't even stock as many types.
The Prep Services
There are some customer-service things that we do which help to make your experience using us that much smoother and more positive - all before we ever get to your jobsite.

- Customer Support: Dispatchers  Our disptachers answer live, and monitor the lines 24/7 every day of the year for a quick call back.  Dispatch has everything at the ready to immediately schedule you for service.

-  Advice and Planning Assistance:   Would you like some advice in choosing equipment for your project, or other how-to resources?  Check out our Tasks & Tips section here on this website, talk with on the phone with a technical advisor, or arrange for a free site visit.

- Day-before Call:   Your assigned operator will make contact with you the day before.  We find that this helps to relax you that everything is under control.

- Operators maintain regular contact:   Your operator will text update you when on his way so you won't be left wondering when he'll be there.
The On-Site Experience
This is where the "rubber meets the road" as the expression goes, where all the prepatory work, all the organization and efforts toward professionalism and excellence pay off.

- We'll be there:   We pledge to be at your jobsite on time, and on the day you were booked for.  Book your service and build your week around us - count on it!

- The operator is truly an expert:  We require our operators to come to us as experts, "top guns" of the bobcat/mini-excavator business, with thousands of hours of machine operating time, already.

- You'll like the operator:  We are very selective as to who is approved to join our organization - they have to have a variety of personal skills including communication and a helpful, agreeable personality.

- You'll save money:  In the end, if you can use us and get what you need done while consistently saving money, you'll be happy and have us back time and again. That's our goal!
Our History
A brief timeline of our organization's genesis' key dates:

- 1986  Our founder begins his career in construction working for a large general contractor, running all types of machinery including compact excavation equipment: skid steers ("bobcats"), mini-excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and attachments.

- 1988  Inspired by meeting a fellow worker met on one of their sites, he learns of a company out of province that offers their bobcat to other contractors with an operator to run it on time-based pricing, he decides to strike off on his own and create such a business in the Toronto area.

- 1989  Now on his own, starting his small bobcat  services business in Brampton, Ontario, he purchases his first machine, a Case 1835B, and launches the business.  It grows slowly, but steadily.

- 1997  Undertaking new projects, particularly working in the landscaping sector, the decides to branch out from the one-man operation and adds more machinery and personnel, gains partners and incorporates.

- 2001  More machines purchased (7 now), more operators hired, now running from 2 branches - one based in Mississauga/Oakville, and the other in Markham/Scarborough.

- 2005  First franchise-owned branch starts up in Halton Region, more locations pop up thereafter throughout the GTA.  Now it is no longer a company but truly a group, an organization.

- 2012/2013  The group does some retooling and there begins the organization's most ambitious expansion campaign in its history - and is now well underway at the present time.
About Us Now
As you have noted from this website, our organization is:

- Made up of muliple, independently-owned branches, some Franchised, and some we call Affiliates.  By having all machine operators in our group be owners or partners, they all have a personal vested interest in the quality of service we provide and the reputation of our name and organization as a whole.  The on-site work quality of an owner, especially one that has "partners" (co-owners at other branches) to answer to is probably the best model you could ask for in this or nearly any industry to encourage attention to detail, aspiration to excellence, and accountability in all matters. 
The customer ends up the clear winner - getting the best possible service, all the time!

-  Directed by the dispatching department.  Our dispatchers are skilled group of contracted service professionals who you will find provide excellent customer service - give them a try, call and see how helpful and cooperative they are!  They will provide you as much information and assistance as they can to see your machinery needs taken care of, including taking your booking, juggling the schedule to get you the service you require when you need it, and then coordinating all that back and forth with our many operators and branches.  It is quite a task, but because of these great people we can continue to provide you our services in a smooth and convenient manner.

- Continuing to expand.  At this time we have plans to expand into areas of Southern Ontario well beyond the GTA (where we have been operating for over 2 decades and have a very strong presence), and in time it is expected that we will likely go inter-provincial, perhaps even international.  If you are interested in becoming part of our growing team, please contact us for more information.